• Do you yearn to express yourself more confidently?
  • Do you feel your voice doesn’t really communicate your authentic truth?

Join me in a 4-part online playshop to learn

  • Why you don’t sing
  • Why that is a perfect response to your past experience
  • How to transform this outdated, habitual response and move forward into sounding freely 

The GIFT of doing this work online is that you can participate, play and explore at a level that feels right for you – and from the comfort and safety of your own private space.

Extreme terror and panic can be associated with the idea of singing or speaking in front of others – yet as a child you sang and sounded unselfconsciously. Being out of alignment with our true voice impacts all areas of life – confidence, sense of self-worth, health, relationships.

Be supported in a safe space to play gently with these edges and receive tools to reclaim this joyful, expressive being: the one who KNOWS she can sing!

This experiential workshop on embodied voice and sounding will support you to transcend the invisible barriers to your birthright: a natural state of relaxed, joyful self-expression.

Using a combination of Psycho-education answering key puzzling questions (Why you don’t sing, Why that is a really smart response to past experiences) and a light-hearted experience of different modalities and tools to move beyond the fear – including Somatic Experiencing, EFT, Yoga, Comedy Improvisation exercises, Listening Partnerships. We come together as a group and also split into online “breakout rooms” for work in pairs and smaller groups. Replays will always be available if you have to miss a session or wish to re-live the fun!

Next 4-part Online Playshop: Sundays May 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th 2017

$33 (£27 approx)

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