Award-winning Short Film – 6-min

Award-winner at The Climates International Film Festival 2022
Songwriter, performer, editor and producer

“I wanted most urgently to say I loved your song… it is a song of the heart… the words and your voice carry the soul’s longing and truth”

Jerome Flynn, Actor & Facilitator

Enthusiastic Responses to Voicework – 1-min

Testimonials of the transformational effects of group singing with Vaishnavi

“A privilege to work with someone courageous, creative and committed to waking up. She sings like an angel, touching hearts at a deep devotional level.”

Chloe Goodchild, Singer and Voiceworker

Independently-Produced Debut Album

One Million+ streams on Spotify
Vocals, arrangement, co-producer

“Vaishnavi has a beautiful and unusual voice. Her work in the field of mantra and devotional song is exceptionally well-crafted and of a high standard.”

Suze Pole, Co-founder and Chair of Earthsong Foundation

Vaishnavi Brassey’s Solo Releases

120,000+ Streams on Spotify
Vocals, harmonium, arrangement

“Such divinity flows through her. Her voice is music set to heal this planet.”

Teri Potter, Therapeutic Coach

Demo Tracks for the Album: Spiritual Emergency

Demo songs and full lyrics on this Soundcloud playlist

“If this were a plane crash no-one would survive
But it’s a planetary pile-up and we’re all very much still alive…”


“Dear Human Race, open your eyes
There is no finish line in life, and no prize…”


“You offer us shelter, until the bough breaks
You give and you give and you give and we take and we… make mistakes”


“The love is there – you just have to keep the faith
Invisible like air it’s staring us in the face”


“Her voice is so powerful and full of soul, full of presence.”

Lucille Aaron Wayne, Art Therapist

More About Songbaths

An innovative way of experiencing music – a hybrid of:
+ A concert
+ A gongbath or sound-healing journey
+ A song-circle / kirtan / community choir / beginner’s voice workshop

While I’d like to experiment with different formats, the essence is that – through the journey of the event – participants are invited to both:
+ PASSIVELY RECEIVE through being guided, lying down, into a deep relaxation and being bathed with soothing music at the beginning
+ ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE through the invitation to join in with simple chants, songs or harmonies, woven through the “concert” towards the end

“The songbath was healing, soothing, purifying and richly evocative. I felt cleansed and cradled, held and heart-opened by the journey you took us on.”

songbath Participant
Lie Down and Listen concerts, UK

Others who are experimenting with “horizontal concerts”:
Lie Down And Listen – Lying down concert experiences, UK
Jazz Interactive Concert – Stanford University, USA
Lie Down Concert – Jeroen van Veen – Sold-out concerts, Netherlands

Sold-out concert, Netherlands – the music of Einaudi

“So much gratitude for such a deep and profoundly moving experience through the delicate beauty of your voice.”

songbath participant
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