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Kirtan Community Day: practice sharing chants with others

Maximum 8 places – booking essential.

In response to so much enthusiasm and need for input and support, I’ve decided to offer some groups to nurture all of you fledgling (and not so fledgling) kirtan-wallahs. There is a rapidly growing number of people feeling the call to share this Divine practice with others and I really feel to support that in whatever ways I can – so we can all be seeds in the Bhakti Boom-Boom! The more of you that feel empowered and confident to share, the more we can bring this precious practice to people all over the place 🙂

I already offer 1-1 Kirtan Coaching (has anyone got any better words for that?! please message me if you do) in-person and online – £25 for 30mins and £40 for 60mins.

It feels to me that a way to not only make this more accessible / affordable and also more rich and nurturing is to connect in groups so I’ve decided to try some out and see how they go. These will be aimed at people who can already play and chant some – or many – chants. The content will vary according to who takes part in each group but each group will offer:

– a chance to ask those random niggling questions that are particular to kirtan

– tips on what works best when sharing kirtan

– a chance to practice particular challenges – eg. speeding up with a percussionist

– a safe and encouraging space in which to practice leading chants with a supportive group

– an (optional) opportunity to receive positive feedback either from me or the group or both

– tools for overcoming nerves or low self-confidence

– vocal warm-ups and basic voicework

– harmonium-playing techniques, practices and simple chord progressions

– group size capped at eight to give space for individual attention

– a way to connect with other kirtan-wallahs and build up your own support networks

– an opportunity to practice chants you already know and learn new ones from each other

TIMING: 10am-6pm

DATE: Saturday 22nd June 2019

Make a Solstice weekend of it!

Friday 21st: Solstice in Avalon & kirtan at Shekinashram: http://shekinashram.org/bhakti-events/

Sunday 23rd: Nalini Blossom’s Song of The Womb day: https://www.facebook.com/events/324663401538952/

COST: £54 (£45 low-waged)

duos £90 (£72 low-waged)


TRAVEL / ACCOMODATION: I can help with travel and / or accommodation arrangements but there are lots of reasonably-priced Air BnB places.


>> Saturday 6th July in Frome (could combine with legendary and magical Frome Independent Market on Sunday morning plus Companion Voices on Sunday at 2-4pm, maybe Sat night kirtan)

>> Sunday 15th September in London (full moon kirtan in North London on Saturday 4-6pm)

Please let me know which venues work best for you for future planning.

And if you have any requests or ideas of what would most support you – or suggestions of any other ways this community can be nurtured, please let me know 🙂

Kirtan, Concerts & Songbaths

Vaishnavi loves shares sacred music in different formats with different levels of participation from those present. Kirtan breaks down the concept of an “audience”, inviting everyone to join in – whereas SongBaths are sound healings, received lying down, after being guided into a deep relaxation.

Upcoming Events

What surprised her most was realising she can do this online! Through the amazing platform Concert Window, you can enjoy blissful healing vibrations and mantra in the comfort of your own space. This is what the total strangers who stumbled upon my last “concert” had to say:

“How special is this ! It’s taking me somewhere”

“Thank you, that was hypnotic! Dreaming in Amsterdam.”

“That was beautiful!!  Very healing for all beings and healing our beautiful Mother Earth. The singing was beautiful, I was lying on my bed and it was sooooo….soothing and relaxing.”

“I saw some of your broadcast last night and had to get in touch. My goodness, you have a gift. Your voice, your face, your music was so full of compassion, strength, gentleness, brilliant steady shining joy. I could barely take it in. It was one of those moments where all I could do was be still and accept love. Thank you so much…you love filled soul.”

Sign up or Get in touch if you would like to be updated when the next date is scheduled.


Be guided into deep presence and stillness, beyond relaxation: a profound letting go into sacred space. Vaishnavi will hold you tenderly in that receptive state and, responding to the energies and needs of each person present, channel Divine healing song infused with sacred mantra. This powerful sound healing journey will finish with an experience of profound oneness through a group healing songbath.

Participants report feeling:

deliciously relaxed, rested, soothed, safe, held
more space in the body, a sense of well-being
connection and grounding into the body
emotional release, healing, purification, cleansing
led back to own heart, deeply touched

Read testimonials

What people are saying

Voice & Music

“she sings like an angel, touching hearts at a deep devotional level” Chloe Goodchild

“You mesmerize me when you sing. Wow” Venus CuMara

“serious all over goose bump making music…incredible!”

“Her voice is mesmerizing!!! It reaches your heart and fills it with affection, peace and love. It is a magical experience hearing this enchanting soul sing! I am spellbound!!!”

“I have to say that your singing on Monday morning before the closing ceremony was my highlight of the whole weekend. Your voice moves me deeply”

Workshops & Retreats

“a great joy and loving creative devotional presence to work with” Chloe Goodchild

“I feel so elevated from the experience. I ended up completing the cycle by pushing out again and writing about my breakthrough on Facebook!!!” Carlotta Mastrojanni – Modern Medicine Woman

“you are already a beacon. I love your very natural, and relaxed style of leading the group. Your energy draws us in.”

“I cannot begin to describe in words how blessed I feel from the weekend, it has completely changed my life. Thank you Thank you Thank you”

“I meant to write to say thank you for a transformative weekend. I returned home feeling renewed in every way.”

“My husband commented tonight that I’ve picked up new phrases and increased in confidence since the retreat. I feel like I’ve moved on from the rut I was in.”

“I have moved into a place of more compassion and more joy. Like I unzipped a suit that was too small and stepped out of it :)”

“life changing. being love bombed, a healing experience, an opening of hearts
what can I say? words don’t really describe the sense of ‘altering’ I went through over the week-end”


“So much gratitude for such an exquisite, deep, and profoundly moving experience through the delicate beauty of your voice. The Songbath was healing, soothing, purifying and richly evocative. I felt cleansed and cradled, held and heart-opened by the journey you took us on.”

“I would recommend anybody to go and experience Vaishnavi – a channel for the Divine. You can’t help but be touched by that. It popped open my heart to be able to release and cry. I was going into a deepening in the journey of sound, Just pure voice. She held the space for me to feel safe. Brought me back to my own heart.”

“I loved your energy and song bath, especially as I was not sure how my brother would respond and after having a severe stroke he took to it with such enthusiasm and did him good participating. I love your beautiful spirit.”

“Just had to tell you that after yesterday’s lovely evening I have slept the best I’ve slept for a long time! Didn’t wake up once and no nausea either! Feeling great! Thank you thank you thank you!”